A Kob a Day Keeps the Doctor Away!

Jannie and I had a lovely trip to the Breede River  in October 2015. No monsters caught, but we had lots of fun and learned a lot. I caught 4 kob on fly (2 on a surface fly and 2 on a large “sponge bob”), 1 on a paddle tail, 2 barbel on prawn; and many moonies on a floating fly, double bunny fish pattern and even a 4/0 flipper.

Jannie caught a kob, stompies and moonies. Jannie also managed to change the name of the “Canoe” to the “submarine” (he took out a small boat and managed to capsize it – twice!).


We tried for grunter on surface lures for a short while. I also tried for garrick for about 2 hours, but we were really targeting the kob early mornings and late afternoons (apart from the Saturday Sprinbok rugby session) this time.

Early morning at Kontiki
Sunset at Kontiki

All kob tagged and all fish released.


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